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Sunday, June 4, 2017
6 pm PDT/9 pm EDT
Doors open at 5:30

2601-2603 Studios
2601-2603 N. San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, California 90065


Paul Pescador

An evening of back-to-back performances by nine artists. Works will be presented both live and live-streamed. Organized by Paul Pescador and Boris R., in association with NewHive.


Agnes Bolt
Carson Davis Brown
Billy Coleman
Christina Catherine Martinez
Rachel Mason
Emily Mast
Paul Pescador
Luis Ignacio Rodriguez
Lukas Stopczynski

Agnes Bolt is an artist based in LA but is currently tuning in from somewhere in Greece. She is 1/3 of the collective Institute For New Feeling. IfNF is a collective committed to the development of new ways of feeling, and ways of feeling new. Borrowing aesthetics and language from wellness and tech industries, market research, speculative design, political propaganda, we assume a familiar yet fragile voice of authority. For this piece, Agnes is collaborating with Elisha Drons.

Carson Davis Brown is a Midwest-raised artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Working primarily in photography and film, Brown uses the monotony of corporate and retail landscapes as a backdrop for play-oriented, unsanctioned physical interruptions in highly systematized spaces. Brown also serves as the documentarian for Cabin-Time, a roaming artist residency to remote places.

Billy Coleman: Oct 3, 66, Akron, Ohio 18 years, West Virginia 1 yr, Vermont 20 yrs, New York City 10 yrs, Martha's Vineyard 4 yrs, Los Angeles 3yrs; Music, Golf, Religion, Agriculture, Florence, Lowell Mountains, Parsons School Of Design, New Nordic Cuisine, Horsefingers, Zaha Hadid, Black Elk, Ann Agee, Richard and Sheri Pion, Atheist. We run the gamut.

Christina Catherine Martinez is a writer and stand up comedian based in Los Angeles. She can be seen on the Mas Méjor comedy channel, Highland Park TV, and various stages all over the city. Her writing has appeared in VICE, ArtForum, New York Magazine, and The Art Book Review. She produces and hosts Aesthetical Relations, a live comedy talk show with artists, comedians, video screenings, and a rotating house band.

Rachel Mason is an artist, musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles. She holds an MFA in sculpture from Yale and BA from UCLA. Mason has recorded 13 albums, has toured, and has exhibited sculpture, video and performance at a number of museums, galleries, and other venues in the USA and Europe. Her feature film, The Lives of Hamilton Fish toured festivals and museums internationally and was released in 2016. She is a regular contributor to various publications.

Emily Mast works primarily with people, movement, sound and light to advocate uncertainty as live sculptural material. Her work consists of collaborative practices that celebrate their ambiguous position between visual art, dance and theater. For this experiment, Emily collaborated with Gregory Barnett, Chiara Giovando and Alejandro Medina.

Paul Pescador produces abstract narratives that incorporates his own personal experiences: ranging from banal conversations and quarrels to more serious trauma and injury. His practice uses film, photography, and performance to discuss the intimacy and awkwardness of one's relationship to the world and the individuals and objects which exist within it.

Luis Ignacio Rodriguez is an artist and curator based in London, where he exhibits and curates (in addition to showing his work in Germany and Italy). His main interest is communication, and art allows him to communicate beyond his original intention. Free from any attachment to any particular medium, Luis makes use of the most effective means of expression according to message, place, and audience; leaving the medium used, be it text, collage, video, performance, or installation, free to add new contexts and messages to his work. In recent years most of his practice develops within LuisTV, a pocket television studio that lives on his mobile phone.

Lukas Stopczynski helped co-create the Los Bar as an artist-in-residence at the MAK Center for art and architecture in 2015. Since then he has researched not knowing while working as a swimcoach in Berlin and repairing broken bamboo ducks. He also thinks it's relevant to mention the age of our sun in this bio.

Boris R. evolved from the former Stupid Pills and Hyperience series, which was co-founded in 2012 by Sarah Bay Gachot & Paul Gachot. Most Boris R. events present artists, thinkers, talkers, musicians, and other performers. Sometimes animals.

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